Not a bot

Got it again. Twitter’s “We gotta check…are you human?” message after I’ve manhandled my username or mangled my password—or both.

Oh, yes, I am all too human, Twitter, thanks for asking, even though it’s taking me longer to prove it at online security checkpoints. Talking about the likes of you, CAPTCHA, with your twisting-fonts-from-hell word images that have to be deciphered and typed into little boxes to prove I’m not a bot.

Is it just me, human that I am, edging closer to crypt than cryptologist, or are security word images getting harder to crack?

It’s sometimes taking me two, three, even four tries to make my case for being declared human, allowed to sign in or forward an article.

Call me a pessimist, but I can tell at first glance when I will fail to get the message. I’m thinking


Gamely, because there is no choice, I begin typing letters into the answer box, resigned to seeing the inevitable alert that I’m wrong, awarded the consolation prize of a fresh image to read. Maybe another…and another…

You may have wondered why you didn’t get that article with the Kardashians’ tips on unzipping genomes.