Movie ad spoiler alert: All the movie goers in the online Twitterish commercial for the movie “When in Rome” loved it and unanimously agree that everybody in the movie is great. Really great. I can tell the movie goers in this ad are sincere because they’re flashing smiles at a voltage that could fire up an electric chair and are gushing about the movie like a water fountain gone berserk.

Blog post detour alert: There was recently a terrific article in The New Yorker about a company called WET which designs those breathtakingly beautiful how-do-they-do-that dancing fountains that make people happy like all the people in movie ads. But I digress. Sorry. Also sorry for juxtaposing references to electric chairs and water fountains. Safety first in this blog.

Visual: Me dragging myself back to the point at hand. Uff da. I know what you’re thinking. Movie companies only use clips of people who can get all gushy about the movie so that people who see the ad will think that seeing this movie will be a life-enhancing experience and make them as happy as if they’d just seen the design and engineering marvel of a breathtakingly beautiful water fountain. Would you stop with the cynicism already? I won’t have it.

And by the way, everybody is great in the ad saying the movie is great. Really great.