Today, February 22, is George Washington’s actual birthday, not to be confused with Presidents Day, celebrated last week across retail land as Presidents’ Day or President’s Day. Nothing honors the father of a country like inconsistent apostrophization followed by the word “sale.”

Every year on this date I lament all over again that George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are now forced to share a holiday, not only with each other but with every Tom (Jefferson), Dick (Nixon) and Harry (Truman) who ever became president of the U.S.

Among my vivid childhood memories is sitting in an overheated classroom, crafting silhouette portraits of George out of construction paper. Some years we went upscale, fashioning him a wig out of cotton balls.

Now we have this generic Presidents Day holiday that floats across the calendar, landing anywhere from February 15 to  February 21, celebrating, bet your wooden teeth, that “all you presidents are winners!”

So by George, here’s George, here’s to George — and only George.