Lurking outside the O. Henry House in San Antonio. Apparently I lurk a lot.

Here I am hanging outside the O. Henry House in San Antonio, Texas.

William Sydney Porter, aka O. Henry, lived and wrote in this house in the mid-1880s.

While O. Henry did not create the Oh Henry candy bar, he did coin the term “banana republic.” It was more or less accidental, in the way any experience that occurs after fleeing to Honduras to avoid prosecution for embezzlement is accidental. Who hasn’t been there? In an accident, I mean. I’ve never been to Honduras.

The journal that O. Henry edited was named The Rolling Stone. I don’t know if he ever made the cover.

The photo was taken by my husband, Chris, on a weekend jaunt to San Antonio with our daughter, at the time a student at Rice University in Houston. She’s not in the picture because she doesn’t like posing for family pictures on demand. She does like the clothes at Banana Republic.

William Sydney Porter aka O. Henry