More lurking. This time at Sherwood Anderson's place in New Orleans


In 2003, my sister took this photo of me outside a New Orleans apartment building where the author Sherwood (“Winesburg, Ohio”) Anderson lived in the 1920s.

We were on a car trip through the South with my mother. My sister dubbed it the “Thelma & Louise & Louise” tour.

I stress there was no gunplay, no Brad Pitt and no shenanigans with truckers. Had there been, you can bet your beignets we’d have taken photos of that instead of planting me behind foliage in a doorway off Jackson Square.

Anyhow, before we left home, my husband — originator of the My Wife With Great Writers photo series — suggested we pick up shots for him. Mostly we forgot.

When I stumbled on this photo recently, I couldn’t even remember which Great Writer it involved. The plaque on the wall indicates a literary landmark (I’ll wait here while you click to enlarge the photo) at an address I initially read as 510 St. Peter.

Google insisted that 510 was the location of an Aerosoles shoe store, an unlikely site for literary landmark designation although I was riveted by Web copy for a nifty pair of brown suede boots. (“Scrunch time in the boot department. Soft ruched suede from top to bottom make these pull-on boots an attractive and versatile choice for this season.”)

Dragging my eyeballs off the boot page, I squinted at the photo and realized that the number could be 540 and that some of the letters could spell Sherwood Anderson. Sure enough, Wikipedia confirmed Anderson had lived for a time at that address. In fact, he was visited there by, hold on, William Faulkner. Thus, I award us My Wife With Great Writers bonus points.