Outside Hemingway's house in Key West

These are some of the photos from the My Wife With Great Writers series by Chris Stanton, my husband. It started with the Hemingway house photos in Key West. Normal people might have stopped after posing at the sign outside the property.

Making Ernie's bed

But we make no pretense of normal behavior. Next thing I knew, Chris was saying “Pretend you’re making Ernie’s bed.”

Leaving Sinclair Lewis

Sinclair Lewis always wanted out of Sauk Centre, Minnesota. So Chris handed me a bag to hold as I came down the front steps of Lewis’ boyhood home, ready to head off to “Main Street” a few blocks away. Visiting the home, the author Pearl S. Buck wondered, “Why should that fiery, honest, impatient spirit have come from such a house…?”

More photos in this series, for another time!