Disclosure: I spent two hours “shopping” WordPress blog themes, trying them on in the Preview dressing room, rejecting those that made my name look fat, felt constricting or didn’t seem like they would wear well.

Then I fell in love with “Connections” by Patricia Muller, vanillamist.com

Loved the name, the green, the evocation of the mysterious, almost primal thrill of travel through a tunnel. But mostly it was the eyeglasses (well, they look like eyeglasses to me) that suggest Dr. T.J. Eckleburg’s billboard in “The Great Gatsby.”  Done deal. I’m a big Fitzgerald fan. Some day I may post a photo my husband took of me clinging like a shameless groupie to the statue of Fitzgerald in downtown St. Paul. It’s part of a strange, ongoing photographic series titled My Wife With Great Writers. Other highlights of his collection include me making Hemingway’s bed in Key West and me set to make a getaway, bag in hand, from Sinclair Lewis’ house in Sauk Centre, Minnesota. Sorry, I don’t know you well enough to explain that yet.

Already I can tell this blog will become an undisciplined mix of musings, free of Twitter’s “140 or bust,” less professionally focused than my “PR Camp with Kathe Stanton” podcasts or the pickings at kathestanton.com

Onward, beneath the spectacles of Dr. T.J.!